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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hornet Marine Video

We've been hard at work on a video for Hornet Marine. Based in Bristol, CT (also home to ESPN and just across the street from it), Hornet Marine builds high performance boats exactly to a customer’s specifications to compliment any style of boating in just three weeks.

Check them out here!

The video was taken just weeks ago and features Jess Murphy (Crushing Pennies). Ryan has just finished editing the piece (clipping, trimming, adding music, yadda yadda ...) which is about 1 minute and will be used for the web.

When exported, the file will be posted for viewing here. So please check back soon!

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Friday, December 24, 2010

FavoriteMedia's "Best of the 'Nets" ... 2010!

A year we should all hope to forget.

FavoriteMedia has compiled (below) a list of the best video found on the www in 2010. Submitted by staff and viewers, these links pretty much speak for themselves, though, we’ve added some brief thoughts above each link. Let the games begin ...

- FM Staff, 2010


Fear of Heavy Riffs up in This Dojo!
Picked by John Hall

Ralph Macchio vs. Steve Vai in the 80’s hit (not really), Crossroads. It's such a long guitar battle but it's so worth it.


Hide your kids, hide your wife, run and tell that. Apparently there’s been word that the Illuminati is a major subject in the inner-city these days and now we know why!


These people should be “no-where nears” water! Oh, and, Bill Dance is a bumbling moron.



Nuclear Apocolpyse and a Hippie
Picked by Paul Foster

This is the weirdest video we’ve probably ever seen. What’s crazy is this song’s melody is actually pretty catchy – but alas, when you mix old British hippies with nuclear apocalypse it’s never a good scene. How did this happen?



Atheist Holiday Anthem.
Picked by Eric Gawlak

Eric, other-wise known as “E-rock” by FMer’s wrote the following upon submitting this: “because now we finally have a hymnal ha ha ha!”


Here’s another gem. Again from Erock: “I love the pace and the parallel storytelling and of course the message.”



There Will Be SNES!
Picked by Brandon Upson

There Will Be Blood ... as a 16-bit video game! So awesome!


Disney's A Goofy Movie ... as directed of course ... by David Lynch.



What I Would Do at a Game
picked by Dan Clark

Sports became so much cooler -



Nothing Says Funny Like a Guy That Runs Into Things
Picked by Ross Mortensen

We have no idea what they're saying, and it's probably better this way.



Everyone Loves a Lip-syncing Kid
Picked by Mike Shove

Is this even a kid?


Did someone say Bridgeport? They just can’t seem to win ...



Arbor Club and Body Paint = Good Times!
Picked by Ryan Casey

This has been passed around FM offices like a VD that doesn’t hurt, but brings laughter. The bald painted man (who we have met in-person!) sings at the most coveted venue/time EVER – yes, an entrance/exit way of a small town library, mid-afternoon. Where is this guy’s parents? And the olden people have no idea what’s going on (where are their children for christsakes!). The sweet keyboard move at 4:55 is f*cking awesome and is the gift that keeps on giving. Also, very notable are the petrified library patrons walking into pure afternoon madness at 5:21. Justify!

(hat tip to Dr. Niciu for finding this at 3am and giggling towards Ryan – both still seeking heavy counseling)


“Yes, They’re Mortal and They Do Die.” Listen to this guy tell us that aliens blasted his fingers off. No, really. Pure magic.



Picked by Chris Moeller

We don’t know what to say.


Thanks for viewing/reading!

- The FavoriteMedia Staff

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Working and Having Fun!

We have been uber-busy with new clients and new fun! We recently captured the thrill of Hornet Marine's recent demo of an extremely fast boat on the CT River! That was a blast (although Ryan thought he was going to die - he survived and is already back directing and producing, so don't worry ... ). Now, we get hard to work on post-production for three other companies. More soon ...

Need Video? ...

Then, Make Us Your Favorite!

Email FavoriteMedia at: Ryan@favoritemedia.tv

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Film and Video Progress ...

FavoriteMedia has been facilitating casting services for the feature, Sensory Perception (Al Signore).

We will be excepting new clients soon (mainly for video services) and new website will launch by end of month.

If you haven't already, check out our affiliate website, here: ROADWORK.

Check back!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crushing Pennies to be Shown at the Bristol Historical Society - Sat., June 6

FavoriteMedia and BurnBrite Promotions are proud to announce that the independent film, Crushing Pennies, will be screened at the Bristol Historical Society on June 6, 2009 (7pm) as part of the Society's Young Artists Series.

For more information and details, please visite our event page at:


This is free and open to the public.

Are you looking for web promotions and/or video solutions for you or your business?

If so, click here for our email address and contact us today!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crushing Pennies Theatrical Trailer is Now on On-Line!

This is the trailer for the independent film, Crushing Pennies.

To find out more about this film, go here: Crushing Pennies FaceBook Page. Please become a fan on this page! We'll like you forever.

The film was written and directed by Ryan Casey.

The trailer was edited by Gary Fierro of Fierro Films: http://FierroFilms.com.

Music courtesy of the Inclined Plane: The Inclined Plane Blog

Please support Independent Film in Connecticut by going here:


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crushing Pennies Accepted into Kent Film Festival and More News...

Crushing Pennies has just been accepted into the Kent Film Festival (March, 2009). The Kent Film Festival website: http://www.kentfilmfestival.org/. For visitors new to this blog - Crushing Pennies is a film that was produced and is now being showcased by FavoriteMedia.

Crushing Pennies will also be playing at Yale in late January or early February (2009).

If you would like to attend the Yale event, please contact director, Ryan Casey, for instructions at: FavoriteMediaMail at Yahoo.com. Or leave comment and Ryan will be in contact with you.

Regarding Yale event - we will also be screening Blue Velvet (David Lynch). Ryan will lead discussion (especially in regard to Freudian themes in Blue Velvet) and holding a Q/A session regarding Crushing Pennies afterwards.

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